Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Charleston, SC

We were happily back in Charleston this past weekend. Beautiful weather, lots of planned activities, and the company of great friends made for a wonderful start of our Spring Break.

Pineapples have long been the symbol of hospitality.  Ship captains of long ago would spear a fresh pineapple on his gate post to alert neighbors that he was home from sea and accepting visitors.

Pineapples on posts:

Another pineapple above this door:

 A visit to the South Carolina Aquarium was already on our to-do list, but we were extra excited to learn that the world famous Weeki Wachee Mermaids were there this week.

I think I enjoy the birds at the aquarium as much as the fish.  Possibly more.  These great birds are one thing I miss about living at the beach.  On occasion, we'd have Blue Herons (shown right) in our own backyard.

 We took an evening carriage ride at the request of one of our teens.  It was a beautiful evening.

"The blue hour" is my absolute favorite time of day.  I love when homes come alive with light in the early evening hours.  So warm and welcoming.

This goes for the churches too.  

We have a dear young friend and neighbor who is currently going to school at The Citadel.  We were so honored to be there for his Recognition weekend to celebrate his first year.

The Citadel cadets marching down King Street  on their way to being sworn in.

It was a beautiful and well-deserved ceremony.

 The iconic Cooper River Bridge basking in the sunshine.  I took this photo as we were going out to tour Fort Sumter.

 The first flags of our wonderful state:

It's no surprise to me that Blue-and-White pottery was popular even then.

A trip to Charleston is never complete without a little shopping on King Street.

 Rainbow Row has my heart in the palm of it's hand.

I can't begin to count the number of photos that I've taken of window boxes in Charleston over the years.  They inspire me greatly.  I'll have to do another post on them alone.

Oh my Carolina home, how much I do love you.